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About Art Wanders

“I now know that art, spirit and rest are the same for me. Every part of my being has been engaged! I am leaving this retreat full and inspired.”

~ retreat  participant

Laura writing poetry

Creating personal constellations and poetry.

​Art relaxes, reminds us of who we are and rejuvenates us. The simple act of putting paint, pencil, or pastel to paper almost magically pushes aside all that clutters our minds, brings us to the present moment and gives us the time and space to take a big breath of soul-nurturing goodness, let it go and say, “ahhhh, yes!”

Wandering creates balance. Purposeful, stick-dragging, cloud-gazing, meandering is good for the soul. Wobbling side to side, swaying in the breeze, tilting a bit one way and then the other, eventually settles us into a comfortable place of balance, a relaxed mind, body and spirit. Often surprised, we land upright and centered.

Art and wandering are a powerful mix! This combination simultaneously allows your spirit to roam freely and to actively create and experiment from that spirit (S/spirit is always personal and can be defined as your spirit/nature and/or Heart, Universe, God, Feminine Divine, Great Spirit, Mother/Father Earth, Yaweh, Higher Power, You Pick, etc.). Our inner critic and judging mind want to knock us off balance. Art Wanders retreats aim to stop that nonsense and in doing so help you find some peace, acceptance and joy in your creative process – and most of the time – a few wonderful surprises!

Art Wanders creative retreats are not about teaching or preaching – there is no wrong or right way to express yourself while making art or while writing. An experience of uncrumpling, unfolding, unhinging, (maybe a little personal growth) and definitely big, wild ahh-haa moments all in a fun, safe, judgement-free environment are the intended outcomes of these one-of-a-kind retreats. Hands-on, multimedia activities with an abundance of traditional and sometimes nontraditional materials, help create a carefree and restful experience at these well-rounded retreats.

Art Wanders creative retreats ask you to step boldly off your well-worn path, to draw outside the lines and to paint yourself right out of that all too tight corner. These retreats give you the tools, gentle guidance, support and inspiration to make this time truly a special gift to yourself – a day for uncovering, discovering or recovering your own unique art spirit.

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