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Solo Wanderings Registration

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REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 3 days before your arrival

Solo Wanderings
at The Stable in Durham
Choose your retreat, choose your date!
Peace Poles, Inner Peace Poles, Labyrinths, Forest Bathing & Earth Art, Poetry & Art Journals

IMPORTANT FIRST STEP! Email Claudia to confirm your desired date(s) and retreat selection (see descriptions below), ask any questions and to indicate if you are coming alone or with one other person. You will receive the total cost and an ACCESS CODE to enter below to complete your retreat registration.

Monday – Saturday day-long retreat, 9am-5pm – sliding scale for a Solo Wanderer: $75-$100; additional person (age 12+): $65 OR additional person without materials (age 12+): $35

Note: Friday or Saturday retreats require overnight stay
Monday – Thursday retreats, choose to add an overnight stay.
All overnight stays are booked separately via Airbnb. Arrive 9am day of your retreat, depart 11am following morning.

Art Wanders will take $50 off any one Solo Wandering when booked with an overnight stay at The Stable. Please contact Claudia first to confirm date(s) and receive ACCESS CODE to register.

Retreat Registration - Solo Wanderings Access Code
Email Claudia to get your access code

Description: For those yearning for a change of scenery, having a hard time finding space for solace or just needing a creative outlet, Solo Wanderings – self-guided, individual retreats (or with one other you’ve been staying at home with), aim to provide a welcome respite. Abundant materials, detailed instructions, beverages and a snack will be ready for you. Spend the day engaged in a hands-on, creative journey.

Important Note: There is a 72-hr. buffer between all Solo Wanderings (the time the CDC says the coronavirus can live on surfaces). A thorough cleaning prior to your arrival and after your departure will be performed.

Upon your arrival, Claudia Fulshaw will welcome and orient you, facemask on! She will be available by phone or text for any assistance during your retreat.

Peace Pole

Choose from 5 experiences:

Peace Pole Retreat (for outside)
Traditionally, Peace Poles have the words, May Peace Prevail on Earth, written in a different language on each side. This movement started after WWII by a Japanese philosopher and educator to spread peace throughout the world. Colorful Peace Poles are now found everywhere from backyard gardens, to churches, to parks, there's even one at the North Pole! Ideas and questions for pondering peace in your life will be provided to aid in your design process. You'll then paint a 3’ tall, wooden, 4”x4” peace pole! Instructions, paints, brushes, stencils are all included, as well as a clear-coat finish to protect your Peace Pole from the elements, a rebar stake for “planting,” and a plastic cap (choose a solar light cap or birdhouse for additional $15). For ideas, check out the photos from a workshop I led in Stokes County, NC in February 2020.

Inner Peace Pole Retreat (for inside)
Creating an 18” tall, wooden, 2”x2”, "mini peace pole" for your bedroom, office, library, altar – really any place you want time to ponder, meditate, pray or reflect on inner peace. Paint, beads, jewels, fabric, notions, ribbon, stencils, a votive, and lots of little things to spark your creativity will be provided as you put together a small “statue” or “sculpture” that represents and reminds you of serenity and peacefulness. A set of Inner Peace Pondering questions is provided as a way to start you thinking about what inner peace means and is to you.


Labyrinth Retreat
The Stable’s newest addition - a labyrinth – was constructed during the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. This classical, 22’ diameter, 5-circuit labyrinth is made of 383 bricks, small gray rocks and sparkling surprises sprinkled throughout its winding ways. In its center, an old-timey tractor seat, perfect for contemplating life’s journey. Instructions for walking a labyrinth as a prayer walk and as a meditative journey, as well as all materials and instructions to draw, paint and decorate your own table top version will be provided. You will also receive directions to several unique, area labyrinths, all within 5 - 20 minutes of The Stable. A note set for you to record your feelings and reactions while walking these different labyrinths is also provided.

Poetry & Art Journal Retreat
A journal, a booklet, a diary, you name it and you fill it. A selection of poems, ideas, suggestions, interesting questions and prompts will be provided as you spend your day with craft papers, magazines, scissors, glue, paint, crayons, markers – constructing, collaging, painting, doodling, writing. This journal can be a collection of what’s going on right now or a vision of what’s next – wildest dreams, inner longings or just full of whim and fun. A 12-page, 8.5x11, heavy duty paper booklet will be your canvas for this retreat.

Forest Bathing & Earth Art Retreat
An introduction to the mindful and relaxing, Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) will start your peaceful day of adventure. Choose to wander outdoors at The Stable or visit one of several nearby nature areas (within 2 - 5 miles, directions provided) to experience a rejuvenating forest bath, employing all of your senses. Small cards with guidance and prompts as well as a pocket journal, pen & colored pencil kit are provided for your journey. Instructions for gathering natural materials and creating your own earth art mandalas will be provided.